Service Centers Capri

We have a number of service centres that we are expanding to reach all major cities across Europe. You can select some of our Service Centers as the delivery point for your electric bicycle and receive it perfectly assembled and checked when you place your order online. All our Service Centers will be able to help you with any incident.

Featured Service Centres


In our Service Centre in Berlin you can test our Capri Azur and Metz e-bikes and resolve any questions or problems you may have. You can also select it as a pick-up point during the purchase process to receive your Capri electric bike fully assembled and checked.


Bikepick is your bike repair service: easier and more flexible than ever!
We pick up your Capri bike, repair it and return it to you. Simple, safe and independent of opening hours.


Chez Capri Bikes, nous travaillons pour que "vous ne rouliez jamais seul" et pour que, si vous avez un problème, vous puissiez le résoudre rapidement, confortablement et efficacement. C'est pourquoi nous avons déjà 50 centres de service Capri à votre disposition dans toute l'Europe. En France, nous avons étendu notre couverture à "Repair and Run", un atelier de vélos spécialisé dans les vélos électriques. 


Because Ciclofix believe that repairing a bike is a powerful gesture, they are working hard to cover every town in France... and also the London city.


Hamburg is undoubtedly one of the most cycling-friendly cities in Europe. Capri Bikes has a large community there. That's why we needed to have a service point capable of resolving any issues for our customers.

In our Capri Service Centre in Hamburg you have everything you need to solve any incident.

appenbergsallee 1 | 20257 hamburg - mobil +49 1522 6797 351