Electric, hassle-free

New Capri Berlin 3

Place your preorder and get your Capri Berlin 3 electric bicycle at an extraordinary price!

Bringing back emotion in to transportation

CAPRI BIKES celebrates the golden era of product design from the 60s & 70s.

Cars and bicycles all enjoyed a unique touch of good taste, with designers like Battista Farina creating amazing products that filled the streets with style and character.

At CAPRI we work to evoke that same respect for product and thus elevate the value of each individual piece for all of its long lifespan.

Unique battery technology

Aluminum bottle-shaped battery, extremely portable and with a well-known and acclaimed design.

The battery with 36V and 6,8Ah delivers an average of 40 km, and after 3 years of feedback from our proudly customers, we confirm that it is the perfect balance of weight and autonomy for the daily bike commuter.

The 2024 series includes a light controller system and improved energy efficiency.

Colors that inspire

Our bikes are inspired by the shapes and colors of the iconic cars from the 1960s and 1970s.

A unique metallized finish with steel chrome plated details makes CAPRI Bikes a unforgettable object of desire.

We believe in real impact

Our goal is to create beautiful simple machines with a strong power of attraction to promote more cycle commuting.

Emotional transportation to change lives, build better communities, and contribute to a healthier planet

Made With Respect

Local & traditional manufacturers are a priority for us.

Capri Bikes works with the same producers that once brought the first quality bicycles to the rest of the world. 

Remaining producers manufacturing bike components with the love and dedication that their ancestors were able to share across generations.

Brooks England 1866

Continental Germany 1871

Pletscher switzerland 1919

Dia Compe Japan 1930

Rodi Portugal 1954

Keeping things simple

The beauty of simple machines lies precisely in that, their simplicity.

Simplicity is what gives you the power of usability and durability, the convenience of not thinking about maintenance, and the confidence that comes from not having to deal with unnecessary technologies.