Electric, uncomplicated.

Introducing the new Electric Capri Berlin 3 which has everything you need and nothing more - uncomplicated! - and features our patented battery-bidon among other great improvements.

Less Weight

We have managed to lighten the frame and some components. Together with the battery change, this means a weight reduction of around 8%, to around 18.5 kg

Better Performance

New Ananda engine, new battery and a more balanced weight mean better performance in all situations.

Portable Battery

Our classic, patented Capri battery canister, a design prodigy. 36v 7,0 Ah and 40 Km of autonomy in just 1.16 kg.
You just need 2 hours to get your battery fully charged.

Better balanced

The battery in the centre of the frame makes the weight much more balanced, making the bike even safer.

Integrated lights

All our electric bikes have Spanninga rear and front lights powered by the standard battery.

More versatile

Compatible with baby seat, rear and front rack available, you can include saddlebags of all kinds, baskets, trolleys and everything you can imagine.

General Specs

Weight: 18.5 Kg

Max Speed: 25 km/h

Battery: The "invisible" Battery by Capri. 6.8 AH Latest generation lithium batteries from the best brands. Up to 40 km range for intensive daily use in the city.

Size frame: One Size. Recommended for heights from 1,55 to 1,85 mts (Frame size 48cm and wheels 28")

Speeds: 7. Shimano Sis 7v RDTY 300, a classic of bicycle shifting, with proven resistance, reliability and hardness. 

More than 12 years of Capri Berlin

The Capri Berlin is our best-selling and highest-rated model. Three years ago we launched its electric version on the market, which has evolved until today.

The new electric Capri Berlin is the result of more than a decade of continuous experience.

No App required

The bicycle is a simple tool, and in its simplicity lies its greatness. At Capri Bikes we work to maintain that minimalist essence that characterises bicycles, electric or otherwise, as we understand them.

This is undoubtedly our main reason for not using an App to use our electric bicycles, you simply don't need it.

Time, we believe, has proven us right. If we review the problems experienced by users of electric bicycles, one of the most recurrent are those derived from the dependence generated by the integration of the App. A technology that is as costly as it is complex and complicated, which ends up generating unexpected errors.

Made with respect

Social responsibility is a must and it includes not only doing our best to ensure our bikes are made with components from companies that respect people and the environment, but that we also constantly review and improve all aspects of our daily business and the way we interact with others.

We love that we are able to help local communities in other countries continue to produce bike accessories like our wicker baskets from the forests of Indonesia, but we also strive to keep local business alive by ordering small leather accessories here in Spain.

We want to be treated with and treat others with respect in all of our diversity, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to inclusivity and equality.

Carbon Neutral eBike product life cycle

From the factory to your door: as a Direct to Consumer company we are more involved with each aspect of a products life cycle including procurement, manufacturing, and transportation and we analyze the environmental impacts in each step.

The average carbon footprint for our ebike is 200 Kg. Around 75% of CO2 emissions are produced by materials and manufacturing, around 15% during actual use of the eBike, while the remaining 10% or so come from transportation, packaging and recycling. 

We have a strong commitment to produce our bikes as locally as possible, including the components, and we are continuously working to reduce the carbon footprint for every stage of the process.

Our aim is to be a fully Carbon Neutral Company by June 2023 with in place reforestation programs to compensate the carbon footprint we generate.

Direct to consumer, smart to market

Being direct to consumer means we not only reduce the number of intermediaries and associated unnecessary costs, it means we have a direct line of communication with our customers.

Direct communication has played a key role in the development of our products, we listen to and learn from our customers to ensure we create the perfect products for their needs.

Direct Business is also a way to grow community, if there is poor quality of service or we need any kind of improvement we hear it and are quick to act. Likewise, appreciative comments and supportive feedback bring a smile to our faces and keep us working hard at what we do. 

We love being part of this amazing community of cyclist in all its diversity.