You'll never ride alone.

Here you will find all the information on how to ride your Capri bike and some good maintenance tips.

We are here to help you

The bike is delivered in a box with the pedals, saddle, handlebars, power and front wheel disassembled.

You can find the assembly manual and an explanatory video in each product sheet or in the links below.

Remember: building a e-bike is easy if you are very familiar with bicycles, but many people are not and thats ok, but if you are unconfortable with using tools, or do not have experience and knowledge of bicyles, we strongly reccomend that you take it to a shop. Starting a relationship with a local shop is a great first step in maintaining your e-bike, you'll get more years of worry free use, and feel more secure when you ride knowing that you already have a local mechanic that can help you with any unexpected issues.

You will never ride alone

Free Returns

You can return your e-bike with no return costs for all European Union countries, and a reduced shipment fee for the rest of the countries. If you don't like your new bike, just return.

Technical Support

Call us, write us or come to any of our authorized point of sale, our customer service can help you with all your doubs.

With all the guarantees 🌹

5 years warranty frame and fork

Five year warranty on all our Capri frames and forks so that you only have to worry about enjoying yourself.

3 years warranty motor

Our engines are tested to last for many years but if for any reason they have a defect, you have up to two years to change it free of charge.

2 years warranty Battery

Our batteries are tested and stress-tested but if they are faulty you have up to 2 years to replace them. Of course, extra warranties are available.

Warranty Policy

In the event of any incident, please contact us at

All products sold from 1 January 2022 onwards are covered by a three-year legal guarantee against non-conformity, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users.

For products purchased prior to that date, the legal warranty period is two years from the time of delivery and shall apply, in relation to the legal guarantee and its exercise, the provisions of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users in its wording prior to the amendments introduced by RD Law 7/2021 of 27 April. Capri Bikes will not accept any responsibility if the manufacturer of the product does not consider the guarantee applicable to the product claimed.

Remember to always follow the usual maintenance advice in order to make effective use of your warranty.

Capri bikes guarantees its bicycles against any manufacturing or assembly defect, covering the replacement of parts recognised as defective or their repair under the following conditions:

- Duration: 3 years against manufacturing and assembly defects.

- During this period, the holder of the guarantee shall be entitled to free repair of the original defects, including transport or travel expenses.

- This guarantee does not affect the consumer's rights under the legislation in force in each country.

Expenses arising from the application of the warranty will always be treated on the basis of the country of original shipment.

The warranty is limited to the original purchaser of the bicycle, who must provide proof of purchase.

The inclusion of a defective bicycle or part in the warranty conditions is ultimately subject to the decision of our Technical Service.

A repair or replacement under warranty does not extend the warranty period.

Under no circumstances does the warranty cover the replacement of parts whose wear and tear results from normal use of the bicycle.

These items are the following, this list being merely enunciative and not limitative in any case.

Items excluded from warranty

O-rings, Cups, Bearings, Brake pads, Threads, Sprockets, Grips and bands, Screws, Rubber parts (Tyres and tubes), Saddle, Shift and brake cables and casings, Spokes and nipples, ebike batteries*.

* The loss of autonomy of the battery, as a consequence of its ageing, is not a manufacturing defect, as it is an inherent behaviour of the properties of lithium. Therefore, the warranty will only apply in the event that the loss of autonomy is below 70%. In the event that the user/point of sale requires Capri Bikes to carry out an autonomy test on a battery, and the report generated by said test shows a result equal to or greater than 70%, the former shall bear the costs generated by the performance of said test, as well as the derived shipping costs, if applicable.

- The guarantee does not apply in any case to breakage or defects resulting from negligent use of the bicycle, use in competition, assembly of non-original accessories, or improper handling and maintenance operations. The user must maintain the product purchased in good condition in accordance with the instructions and recommendations given in the instruction booklet of the bicycle and the manuals published on the website, and Capri bikes and Biciclasica may reject warranty claims that are directly due to a defect in the maintenance of the product by the user.

- This warranty refers only to the replacement of defective components, and does not cover in any case personal injury that may arise directly or indirectly from the failure of the same during use. In the event of a traffic accident, regardless of the direct cause of the accident, the Capri bikes warranty is completely void.

- The warranty does not apply in any case to the components of the electrical system that have been disassembled or have undergone modifications to alter their functions without the prior authorization of Capri bikes.

- In the event that the repair carried out is not satisfactory, and the object does not meet the optimum conditions to comply with the use for which it was intended, the holder of the guarantee will be entitled to the replacement of the defective component, for another of identical characteristics, or to the refund of the price paid for the damaged component.

- Damage caused by incorrect adjustment of parts, or the maladjustment of parts such as the transmission, brakes, etc. caused by the use of the bicycle, is excluded from the guarantee.