Welcome to Capri Electric Bikes

What is Capri E-Bikes?

Capri Electric Bikes are inspired by vintage French models from late 70s. The bikes are designed to look like classic bicycles, while a rear-wheel motor and 7.0ah battery gives a pedal assisted drive for a range of 40kms.

Who's behind this project?

Capri Bikes is a well known European bicycle brand with more than 25.000 bikes sold in the last 10 years. At Biciclasica.com we create Capri Bikes back in 2010 as a classic style bicycle concept.

Strong online reputation

Along this time we've achieved a strong online reputation. We invite you to check out our customers Google positive feedbacks and hundreds of reviews on biciclasica.com and on Facebook and Instagram.

Made in Europe

Every order is baked by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Capri electric bikes are manufactured entirely within Europe and have legendary manufacturing components such as Brooks England saddles, and many others from Italy, Germany and France.

Brand Values

Made in Europe. Minimalist and elegant, Capri electric bikes spin the perfect balance between power, weight, autonomy and style.


With more than 25.000 bikes sold in nearly 30 countries, we are a solid company, with the capacity to work with the leading companies in the industry. The result is an electric bike with the latest technologies at the best price.

Legendary Brands

Hold a bike with legendary bicycle brands: Brooks from the UK, Schwalbe tyres from Germany or Michelin from France, Bastia from Italy and many others.

Carbon footprint

Our aim is to bring down the manufacturing carbon footprint of each bicycle, and also support a legendary European industry that has been hit hard by off shoring to Asian countries.