Timeless Electric

New Capri Metz 4

The new Metz Capri 4 is the latest version of our acclaimed electric bike diamond frame model. 

Better Performance

Disk brakes, 8 speeds, lights...

More Comfort

Bigger tyres, softer grips

High Reliability

New motor, better components

Same Timeless Design

Super Light Electric with unique style

General Specs

Weight: 17 Kg

Size frame: 58cm Metz

Size recommendation: From 1.70 to 1.95 m

Speeds: 8 

Wheels: 28” 

Brakes: Disk Mechanical 160mm

New Lights: 100 lux front light. Busch & Muller integrated rear light, powered by the standard battery. You can switch them on and off from the display.

Reinforced frame

Our beautifully designed bicycle frames are 100% inspired in the french and italian bikes from the late 70s, the golden era of cycling, and we are very proud of take that heritage and keep it alive over the years.

For the 2024 eBike versions we go further, with respect to the original geometries we modified slightly some of the parameters to incorporate the electric components.

We now use reinforced CroMo steel tubes, the result is a frame made to last (and repair if needed) over the years while remaining lightweight and classic.

The fork has been revised as well, to ensure the frame flexibility is compatible with the improve braking power.

New Disk Brakes

Mechanic disk brakes 160mm with larger brake pads specific for e-bikes.

Disc brakes offer better modulation than rim brakes, meaning it’s easier for the rider to precisely meter out how much clamping power is generated. Peak stopping power occurs just before the point of lock-up, and disc-equipped bikes are better equipped to flirt with that edge without crossing over. 

Disc brake power also tends to be more linear and predictable than on rim brakes, and it’s far more consistent in varying weather conditions, especially when compared with using rim brakes.

New Tyres

Continental Contact Urban 37-622 black with discreet reflective sidewall.

Maximum puncture protection with minimal added weight.

Fast rolling with improved comfort and superb puncture protection due to the new Safety Pro casing, giving a safety level of 6, just one point below the resolute CONTACT Plus series, but with faster rolling performance. 

The new SafetyPro breaker designed from Nylon textile.Cross-woven textile fibre netting that is simultaneously robust and flexible. Maximum puncture protection with minimal added weight. The risks of punctures resulting from glass or sharp stones are lowered.

Better, faster, stronger.

Shimano Altus m315 

Shimano Altus m315 Shifters Friction Control in Silver finish.

Allow extremely accurate shifting.

These give beautifully Shimano Altus m315 synchronised pushbuttons promote harmony between rider and bike. Simple to manage as your derailleur can be tensioned by preference for greater lever travel or faster changes. You feel more connected with your bike as you feel your way through the gears.

New Crankset

For this 2024 Metz generation we partnered with the amazing Taiwanese company Lasco. Founded in 1978 by a group of young cyclists, they remain a small company making great products.

The crankset is made entirely of aluminium and has a integrated chain protector to help keep you from getting dirty on your daily trips while avoiding the noises and adjustments that come with a full chain guard.

Our models come with a 170mm 44 tooth version, if you
feel this is not the size for you we can check other available

New Bike Stand

It may be a not very important part of your bike, but if you really use the bike and bring bags or any kind of extra weight, you may have noticed how important it is, and the quality and endurance of this part affects how you enjoy your bike over the years.

For this 2024 CAPRI eBikes we partnered with the italian manufacturer URSUS, and excellent producer of biek stands with very high quality low weight and nice design.

Another European producer we incorporated to reduce the carbon footprint while improving the quality of our eBikes.

New gears

The Shimano Altus R80 on METZ series 

One of the first of models made from the cascade of gradually improving, fully aluminium technology that heroically strove to challenge Ultegra.

Weight: 273g

New rims

Double wall 622-19C, 36 spokes with eyelets these are the Rodi WEB Ebike specific rims.

Excellent response over road and unpaved road, these rims promis an extraordinary performance at all levels over the years. 

We switched to the Portuguese Rims producer Rodi because not only are they consistently improving and innovating, but also because their product perfectly meets our technical specifications and demands while remaining close to our own facilities, helping to achieve our goal of local sourcing.

AZUR models in silver, METZ in Black

Other improved parts

Silver plated chain, one of the best quality chains, with very easy maintenance and excellent performance.

Upgraded Soft touch comfortable grips in honey color.

The perfect grips for complete control and pleasing touch.

Improved battery technology

The Battery plays an important role in the performance of the ebike, therefore we have been working since 2021 on the development of the newest version of our patented battery.

The new battery (36V 6,8Ah 248,4Wh) was already included in the last production of the previous 2022 METZ and AZUR versions, and we are happy with the improvements in performance we have seen.

The new BMS (Battery management system, this enables the delivery of targeted range of voltage and current for a duration of time against expected load scenarios) has been modified to maximize the duration of each charge while maintaining consistent power delivery.

The shell is slightly larger than the 1st generation but has also more resistance to impacts and temperature exposure, equipped with IP6 water resistant connector it is ready for any rainy day.

This 2nd generation of our patented battery comes with a high speed charger and convenient dock station.

Most importantly, we use the best in class Li-ion cells from SAMSUNG; one of the most reliable, efficient and high quality ebike battery cell available on the market.

New Motor

One of our more acclaimed design features from our 1st generation ebikes was the compact, subtle rear motor.

Our newest models continue this tradition andare now equipped with a ANANDA rear hub brushless motor that delivers 250W of punchy and consistent power. Ananda is one of the global industry leaders and their motors are renowned for their reliability with a failure rate close to zero.

New Controller

The electrical system of an ebike is more than just a motor and battery, there are other elements that need to perform reliably.

We have equipped this latest generation of CAPRI eBikes with the best in class motor controller, with a trusted and tested operating system to ensure it delivers the right power to your bike when you need it.

We adjusted the speed management levels based on actual customer feedback. Our 5 assistance levels are now more progressive while remaining balanced, this combined with the sensitive cadence sensor in the bottom bracket means so you get the power you want quickly and precisely.

Our new display is elegant and minimal, without the awkward, oversized screen that so many other producers use. Mounted on the handlebar next to the brake, it’s right where you need it to be to, giving you control over the power the motor provides while keeping your grip safe on the bike.

No App

We strongly believe in a life free from apps. We all use apps for various things during the day, but we think it shouldn’t be mandatory for enjoying 

your bike.

Leave your phone at home and take a spontaneous Saturday ride. Get lost and discover something new with the extra power your ebike provides.

With Capri Bikes you never need to waste your valuable time downloading and updating something you don't really need.

Hop on and disconnect from the screen to reconnect with life.

Made with respect

Social responsibility is a must and it includes not only doing our best to ensure our bikes are made with components from companies that respect people and the environment, but that we also constantly review and improve all aspects of our daily business and the way we interact with others.

We love that we are able to help local communities in other countries continue to produce bike accessories like our wicker baskets from the forests of Indonesia, but we also strive to keep local business alive by ordering small leather accessories here in Spain.

We want to be treated with and treat others with respect in all of our diversity, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to inclusivity and equality.

Carbon Neutral eBike product life cycle

From the factory to your door: as a Direct to Consumer company we are more involved with each aspect of a products life cycle including procurement, manufacturing, and transportation and we analyze the environmental impacts in each step.

The average carbon footprint for our ebike is 200 Kg. Around 75% of CO2 emissions are produced by materials and manufacturing, around 15% during actual use of the eBike, while the remaining 10% or so come from transportation, packaging and recycling. 

We have a strong commitment to produce our bikes as locally as possible, including the components, and we are continuously working to reduce the carbon footprint for every stage of the process.

Our aim is to be a fully Carbon Neutral Company by June 2023 with in place reforestation programs to compensate the carbon footprint we generate.

Direct to consumer, smart to market

Being direct to consumer means we not only reduce the number of intermediaries and associated unnecessary costs, it means we have a direct line of communication with our customers.

Direct communication has played a key role in the development of our products, we listen to and learn from our customers to ensure we create the perfect products for their needs.

Direct Business is also a way to grow community, if there is poor quality of service or we need any kind of improvement we hear it and are quick to act. Likewise, appreciative comments and supportive feedback bring a smile to our faces and keep us working hard at what we do. 

We love being part of this amazing community of cyclist in all its diversity.