Tech Specifications capri electric bikes

Invisible Battery

36v 7,0 Ah and 40 Km of autonomy in just 1.16 Kg.
You just need 2 hours to get your battery fully charged.
The minimum distance you can ride at max assistance mode is around 20 km but the maximum at minimum assistance mode is around 75 km.
Battery’s lifespan is around 1500 charges.

Compact Motor

250W rear hub motor 25 Km/h max speed. with 5 assistant levels.
Our bikes have been designed for a safe and reliable urban use, and are perfectly capable of reaching the European maximum permitted speed for these vehicles: 25 km/hr.
The N/m are 42 N/m minimum.

Minimalist Design

Discreet battery autonomy and assistant level display. Super-easy to manage. 100X lights as standard!

8 Speed Gear

8 Speed SunRace RD81, a classic in bike gears, proven durability and robustness.

super easy to manage

Pedal assistance

Our pedal assistance is super-easy to manage: whenever you pedal, you get help from the engine, depending on the speed selected (1 to 5). Setting 0 is with no assistance, i.e. a “normal” bike.

Our pedal assistance is based on a system that requires on-going pedalling, but a leisurely and easy pedalling pace is enough for it to receive a boost. Bikes with accelerators are no longer bikes, and for now they are not regulated.

You can use the bike even if the engine and battery are switched off. What’s more, thanks to its lightweight design it does not require more effort to ride, it feels just like a regular bike.

The pedal assistance and battery of our Capri e-bikes have been designed to provide the greatest autonomy. However, it's important to keep in mind that there are several factors that can affect the overall performance of the battery. These factors are:

- Cyclist weight.
- Power supplied by the cyclist.
- Use of different assistance levels.
- Terrain (slope and pavement conditions).
- Tires (pressure and tyre tread).
- Temperature.

Autonomy Performance

The data shown in the graphic has been taken under the following conditions:
- Cyclist weight: 63.6 Kg
- Terrain: "Las Mestas Velodrome". 0% slope.
- Tires: Michelin Dynamic Classic. Pressure: 6 bars (87 P.S.I)
- Frame Geometry: Capri Azur model.

Lightness but made for last

Steel high quality Tig welding in less than 17.5 Kg. Both the engine (which weighs some 800 gr less than any other similar engine) and the battery (which only weighs 1.6 kg) are particularly light elements. We have poured all our efforts into developing these two main components. Furthermore, the other bike components have been chosen following durability, lightness and optimum performance criteria.

The Wheels on the Capri go round and round

High polished double walls aluminium weinnman wheels with 36 inox spokes.

Maximum load supported

The AZUR model (low bar) with Mixte frame is lighter and can carry up to 110 kg; the METZ model (high bar) with a frame prepared for larger people, can carry over 140 kg.

packaging capri bikes

Assembly and packaging

The bike is delivered in a box with the pedals, saddle, handlebars, power and front wheel disassembled. An easy-to-follow assembly video and detailed instructions are included. We recommend that the assembly be carried out by a mechanic.

Does it work in the rain?

Yes, we have tested the bike under all weather conditions. However, we would recommend users to not expose it to rain over a prolonged period of time. It cannot go underwater