Buying a bike on the Capri Bikes website is a simple process but, of course, if you have any questions we will be happy to help you.

Capri Bikes offers the option of picking up your new bike at three of its Service Centres (specifically those located in Berlin, Vienna and Gijón) at no cost to you.

This will allow you to receive personalised assistance and pick up your bike perfectly adjusted and checked. In addition, in the case of Berlin (and very soon in Vienna!), we also offer the possibility to test our bikes by requesting a test ride on our website, completely free of charge.



Of course, we are working to increase our collection and test ride points in other major European cities, such as Paris, Barcelona and Munich.

Below, we explain step by step how the purchase and collection process works so that you can enjoy your new bike without any hassle.

1. Select Bike and Checkout

Browse the Capri Bikes website and select the bike you wish to purchase.

Add the bike to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Note that if you include any accessories that require assembly, such as racks, we will deliver your bike with these accessories perfectly assembled and checked.

2. Choose the In-Store Pick up Option

During the checkout process, choose the in-store pick-up option.

You will be given the option to select from three available shops: Berlin, Vienna or Gijón. Select the shop that is most convenient for you. It has no extra-cost to you!

3. Provide Personal and Payment Information

Complete the form with your personal information, including your name, email and phone number.

Provide payment details to complete the purchase. We have different payment options, including Klarna's deferred payment. In addition, your order is guaranteed with the purchase guarantee of the prestigious Trusted Shop platform.

4. Purchase Confirmation

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your order and the shop selected for pick-up.

Expect a second email or phone call notifying you when your bike is ready to be collected from your chosen shop. All our bikes are marked with the expected delivery date. However, we will always notify you when the bike is ready and keep you informed about the shipping status of your bike.

5. Pick up your bike at your chosen shop

When you receive the notification that your bike is ready, go to the shop you selected (Berlin, Vienna or Gijon).

Make sure to bring with you a copy of your purchase confirmation email and a valid ID.

6. In the store

Present your ID and purchase confirmation to the shop staff.

The staff will verify your order and deliver the bike to you.

Take the opportunity to ask for any necessary adjustments to the bike, such as saddle height or handlebar position. The shop staff will be available to help you with these adjustments.

Once you have picked up your bike and made the necessary adjustments, you are ready to enjoy your new Capri Bikes bike!

Remember that if you have any questions during the process, you can always contact Capri Bikes customer service for additional assistance.

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