Most brands explain their plans to investors and shareholders, but because we're independent, we report to you!

Here are our plans for the remainder of 2024, with full transparency and in the hope that, if you're thinking of buying an electric city bike, we can help you make a better choice.

Capri Berlin electric 3: an immediate success

In less than two months we have sold almost 200 electric Capri Berlin electrics across Europe! They will be manufactured and delivered in batches.

The price will be on offer until the end of March,.

The delivery date is always specified when ordering (the current batch of electric Berlin 3 will be delivered at the end of June). If you are sure that this is the model you want, our advice is not to wait for the price to go up and get it as soon as possible.


Capri Azur and Metz 2024: available in April!

The new Capri Azur 4 and Capri Metz 4 models will incorporate some novelties and new features that make them even more special. They will be available in small batches from 1 April at a very special price for subscribers like you. The first batch will be delivered in mid-July 2024 - we will produce only about 200 units between the two models in the whole of 2024!


Capri VITA electric and folding

We have a few units left of the first batch of Capri VITA that we will sell without discount. It is a bike with a lot of potential and a lot of demand but until the last quarter of the year we won't be able to do any promotional activity with it. So if you want to get a Capri VITA you have two options: pay a little more now and get it this summer or wait until the end of the year.

Why a Capri Bike?

If you're looking for an urban electric bike, the Capri has some key advantages. As well as a unique design, with the legendary portable battery-bidon and iconic, top-quality steel frames as standard, Capri bikes are intelligently engineered for everyday urban use, which is why they're so light, versatile and easy to use.

Their performance is carefully designed for everyday city riding. By not making bikes with oversized components, we achieve greater lightness and manoeuvrability and lower maintenance costs.

"You will never ride alone"

We have further simplified our technology, unifying the motor, battery, controller and display of all our models to make, among other things, troubleshooting even easier. In addition, we have a network of partner shops and workshops throughout Europe to help you if you need it.

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