The Metz Capri is the perfect city bike. Light, fast, comfortable and with a timeless design that makes the difference. Thanks to its five levels of assistance, the new Metz Capri allows you to go further and faster, making it a perfect choice for use as a regular mode of transport in the city, from commuting to running small errands.

But the Metz can also be the perfect bike for other types of terrain, or to accompany you on an out-of-town adventure. If you want to use the Metz for rougher trails, the easiest solution would be to:

1. Remove the mudguards and...
2. This will allow you to fit wider tyres quite easily, up to about 40-45mm.

The larger the tyre you use, the more comfortable and safer you will feel on your bike on multi-surface trails.

The Kenda Booster 700 x 40mm tyre, for example, which we tried and tested, works with the Metz without mudguards perfectly.

If you keep the current mudguard, you are limited to 35-37mm tyres and the Metz already comes with 35mm tyres.

It is possible to change the wing stays to allow for tyres up to about 40mm.

If you are interested in this option you can buy a new set of rods from us, but we cannot guarantee any specific tyre + mudguard combination, you would have to experiment with the installation yourself. We don't recommend this option unless you are very comfortable working on and adjusting bikes because it involves removing the wheels and probably re-adjusting the brakes.

This may also be a good conversation to have with a local shop where they may be able to do the tyre change for you.

Front and rear racks will also help you get around easily on your adventures. Plus the many bikepacking options that brands like Brooks offer to make bikes much more versatile.

Of course, if you have any questions about how to turn your Metz Capri into an all-terrain bike, you can consult us through

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