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The cost of energy is skyrocketing. Inflation has soared over the last year to levels that create a difficult situation for many families.

The energy transition to sustainability will be a long time coming, and while Europe's Green Deal 2030 remains a priority for governments across Europe, record high energy costs since the beginning of this year have reopened the door to old, highly polluting ways of generating energy.

Many people are considering ways to protect themselves against some of the effects of these price rises, and for many of them, daily transport is a major concern.

Getting around town (commuting or to run errands) is a high fixed cost for many people. The price of fuel is a big headache for anyone who regularly makes urban journeys by car, and alternative means of transport also appear as a very important fixed cost in many people's accounts.

At Capri Bikes we want to help be part of the solution by supporting a new form of micro-mobility that is more economical and sustainable. Also much happier, which is no small thing in these uncertain times.

Capri e-bikes as a way of saving money

We have already analysed in some other post how much money you can save if you change your car for a Capri electric bicycle.

The savings are much greater than you might imagine and although you might not be able to do without your car 100%, a good question to ask is what would happen if you used it a lot less?

The most obvious is the potential fuel savings that can be made by switching from car to bike - on this point alone, the estimated valuation suggested an average saving of between €1,000 and €1,700 per year per year.

There would also be a lot of added costs: insurance and other taxes, maintenance costs and parking costs (estimated at around €3 per hour in major European cities), among others.

Save on charging and maintenance costs

If we only think of fuel as an expense, we might think that the electric car or electric scooter is also the perfect solution to save money. After all, these vehicles do not use fuel either.

The cost of these vehicles is very high to begin with. Electric cars are up to twice the price of combustion cars, and the same is true for scooters. In general, needless to say, the price range of a car or scooter is much higher than that of a bicycle.

But there are other factors that make the savings compared to an electric bicycle infinitely smaller, from registration fees to insurance or the tremendous maintenance costs involved in this type of vehicle.

But there is more, if we analyse the costs of recharging and maintenance for the daily use of e-cars, e-scooter and e-bikes, the electric bike is by far the cheapest means of transport.

In general terms, you spend 16 times more energy to drive one kilometre in an electric car than you do on an electric bike. It goes without saying what that means in terms of charging costs.

Compared to the electric scooter, the e-bike also wins by far because it uses a combination of electric power and human pedalling, requiring much less energy per kilometre travelled.

The Capri e-bikes' trademark lightness means that it is quite common to use them without electric assistance quite easily or with very low levels of assistance.

It's not about running out of battery, but fortunately with a Capri e-bike, unlike an e-scooter, you can still use it in this circumstance as a regular mechanical bike.

Capri e bike in the office

Adopt a happier lifestyle

We have said it more than once because we believe in it. We see it in our daily lives, in our family and friends' lives and in our customers' lives. People are happier on bicycles.

That's why we argue that, apart from the savings (which is no small thing), getting around by bike is much more than just a question of quantity.

No more traffic jams. The average speed of cars in the city is less than 15 km/h! The electric bicycle is perfect for moving at these speeds, adapting the pace to the traffic when you need it and overcoming slopes or gradients with ease.

More free time. Right after the money saved, this is the main advantage highlighted by regular electric bike users. The myth that cars or public transport are faster pales in comparison to the thrust of electric bikes.

A little exercise a day. The electric bike is to cycling what walking is to running. Running is a very powerful exercise, but walking is not.

Connect with your city. Every day can be a little different. The electric bike invites you to explore, to get lost in your own city, to improve your social life. All this and more.

Make up your mind, the savings will be significant and your health will thank you for it.

Life is better on a bike and if it's on a Capri electric bike, even more so.


  • Ulrike Moeller said:

    Hello, since Juli, my birthday was at the second of July, we traid to buy a melting silver e bike from capri.
    When will it be possible to buy one?

    December 15, 2023

  • John gamble said:

    What price?

    September 05, 2023

  • Andres said:

    Muy bueno!!

    September 05, 2023

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