"Winter is coming" they say. And it is true. Winter is going to be tough for many reasons, but none of them should make us forget that the most important challenge we face as a species is Global Warming.

At least that is how it appears according to the latest survey by the International Economic Forum, in which environmental problems account for the vast majority of the world's population's concerns.

According to the results of this relevant international survey, citizens from very different countries identify five environmental issues among the 10 main risks we face on a global scale in the next decade.

But the environment does not only occupy half of our top ten concerns. It actually goes much further. In fact, the top three risks we identified are all related to the environment: "Climate Action Failure" is the first cause, followed by "Extreme Weather" and "Biodiversity Loss", which is the third.

The next causes in the top-10 concerns of citizens around the world have to do with social issues (such as the erosion of social cohesion or infectious diseases), economic and geopolitical issues, but the podium of our headaches is occupied by environmental issues. And no wonder!

The truth is that Europe's dependence on fossil fuels and international geopolitical tensions are endangering the European Green Deal. A pact born with the intention of moving towards sustainability and turning Europe into a sustainable continent.

From Capri Bikes we will continue to support the energy transition towards renewable energies and to defend a new, more ethical way of consuming and of relating to our environment in a more sustainable way.

In this sense, and with the sole objective of helping those citizens who want to improve their lifestyle towards a new, healthier, more rational and sustainable reality, here are some key tips to achieve such a lofty goal.

Always keep in mind the 5 R's

Reduce, Repair, Recover, Reuse and Recycle. As simple and as straightforward as that: reduce to the bare essentials, recover and repair everything that can be repaired and recover, and reuse and recycle as much as possible.

We know that sometimes this is not easy but we firmly believe that it is important to always keep these five R's in perspective in order to achieve a much more sustainable life.

If we focus on concrete practices, we can give clear examples such as reducing the consumption of water, air conditioning or heating. These examples are paradigmatic, they can save us a lot of resources if we think globally.

Reducing consumption on an individual basis with simple and effective measures (from quick showers to wearing the right clothes) is much more than a declaration of functions.

Sustainability starts with the shopping basket

The way we consume is the real key. In this sense, our sustainability starts with the shopping basket.

Some say that our consumption today carries as much political weight, if not more, than our vote. We wouldn't dare to say that, but we do know that the way we shop is key to changing the world.

If you want a product to cease to exist - such as palm oil, for example - the best thing to do is not to buy it.

Food plays a key role in terms of sustainability. Factory farming is one of the great evils of our time and veganism is such a great option. We cannot force anyone to follow a vegan diet, but we can highlight its many virtues and appeal in any case to a much more responsible consumption, recovering the first point of the 5Rs.

Less clothes, more quality

If an industry is not sustainable, such as fast fashion, the best thing to do is not to give them your money. At Capri we believe that things should last for a long time, that's why we make bikes with a minimalist and timeless design, completely unconcerned with fashions. In steel, a tough, time-tested material, set apart from the trends of the moment.

The way you move matters

Another way to be more sustainable is the way you get around for work, errands or just for leisure.

You may not be able to do without a car completely, but have you ever thought about what would happen if you used it a lot less? The electric bicycle is getting thousands of citizens to move around in a much more sustainable way, helping to reduce (sound familiar?) pollution in our cities and improving the quality of life of their fellow citizens and the planet.

Owners of electric bicycles prioritise them over other means of transport whenever possible. It is comfortable, fast and fun. And of course it is environmentally friendly.

Obviously, this is where Capri Bikes has the most weight as a brand in the battle for sustainability, but the truth is that getting around by bike goes far beyond reducing our ecological footprint. It is a real gateway to other more sustainable trends, to a healthier lifestyle and, dare we say it, in all honesty, to a happier life.

Educating without evangelising

We firmly believe that education is everything. We believe in the teachings of the great Greek philosophers who identified ignorance as the source of all evil. And the best way to combat ignorance is through education, through knowledge first and wisdom second.

It is important to put the environmental debate at the centre of our lives, without trying to evangelise, respecting other points of view and acting by example.

At Capri Bikes we believe in a new form of mobility and that's why, come rain, snow, cold or heat, we always come to the office pedalling.

We can't think of a better way :)

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