The climate emergency is forcing us to be much more sustainable. While governments are discussing how to tackle global warming, many of us have decided not to wait any longer. At Capri Bikes we are convinced that the electric bike is the key to progress towards 100% sustainable urban mobility. Here are some facts to help you understand why.

Car in the city average speed 15 Km/h

There are some 275 million more cars in Europe today than in 2000, an increase of 25%. According to Greenpeace, road traffic causes some 400,000 premature deaths per year in Europe alone and is responsible for 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Getting around the city by car is vastly more expensive for you in economic terms (the cost of owning, driving and maintaining a car costs around $10,000 a year. Source: Bloomberg Green), and for everyone else, in terms of space and health. Of course, it is also infinitely more expensive for the planet. In fact, the car is a very slow mode of transportation in the city, the average speed is only 15 Km/h. To give you an idea: with Capri electric bikes you can travel effortlessly at 25Km/h, without traffic jams. 

Average home-to-work commute less than 5 kilometres

The average home-to-work commute in Europe is less than 5 kilometres, do you think you need a car to cover that distance? Cycling is better for your health (and your mental health too), and it's a lot cheaper and more efficient. And best of all: you'll be effectively helping to reduce global warming.
It's time to move for change, do it in style with Capri Bikes!


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