The bicycle is more than just a means of transport in Vienna; it is a symbol ingrained in its culture. With its well-laid cycle paths and its focus on sustainability, the bicycle has become a mainstay for the Viennese. It is more than a vehicle: it is freedom, it is exercise, it is a way of life.

The opening of a new Capri Bikes workshop in the city is a big hit for us and the best way to support our many local customers, it certainly represents our commitment to the local cycling community.

The new Capri Service Centre, Star Bike, is not simply a place for repairs and maintenance, but a space designed to nurture the connection between cyclists and their beloved bikes.

Star Bike not only offers a team of expert mechanics, but stands out for its customer-centric approach. From basic adjustments to complex repairs, the workshop is committed to providing a personalised service that meets the specific needs of each rider.

In addition to its technical services, Star Bike has become a meeting point for Vienna's cycling community. They organise events, bike maintenance talks, group rides and activities that promote the love of cycling and cycling culture in the city.

With a carefully selected range of products, from accessories to quality bicycles, Star Bike aims to be not just a workshop, but a destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the world of cycling and all that it represents.

Its opening has been met with enthusiasm from the local cycling community, as it represents not only a place for repairs, but a space that celebrates the passion for bicycles and promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in the beautiful city of Vienna.

In Vienna, where every pedal is a journey towards sustainability, the opening of this workshop is not just a business, it is a contribution to the conscious lifestyle that the city embraces. The Viennese, who consider bicycles an integral part of their daily lives, will enthusiastically welcome this new place that allows them to take care of their beloved two-wheeled companions.

In short, this Capri Bikes workshop not only offers mechanical services, but also becomes a meeting point for those who share a passion for cycling. It is a beacon for the local cycling community, a place where the importance of maintaining and enjoying this mode of transport is celebrated and encouraged.

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