We've analysed for you how much money you can save by riding an electric bike and these are the results.

The electric bicycle is already the ideal way for two out of three Germans to get to work. This does not mean that two out of three Germans commute to work by electric bike (at least not at the moment), but rather that more than 65% of Germans rate electric bikes very positively, above all other means of transport.

This trend, which is not unique to northern European countries, has mainly to do with the individual benefits of using an electric bike.

Quantifying aspects such as improved health, environmental improvement or time savings in purely monetary terms is difficult. However, there are benefits that we can definitely quantify. We've analysed how much money you can save by riding an electric bike and here are the results.

Before we get into the more in-depth analysis, we would like to point out that using an electric bike as a regular means of transport also has multiple benefits beyond the purely monetary. The environmental factor is one of them: more bikes means healthier cities. Improving one's own health is also a clear benefit. However, when you ask e-bike users about their main motivation for using an ebike, pragmatism and convenience are the main reasons. Let's look at the real savings to better understand what we are talking about.

Annual savings on fuel costs

If you own a car, you don't need to read the news to know that fuel prices have reached record highs. If we take Germany as an example, a litre of petrol now stands at over €2.10 per litre. If we take into account that the average driver drives around 11,000 kilometres a year, the fuel cost is €1,700. You may not be able to do without your car 100%, but what if you used it a lot less? Perhaps this is why people who own an electric bike prioritise it over other means of transport up to 49% more often.

The truth is that it costs almost nothing to fully charge an electric bike. Going back to the German example, 1000 Wh of electricity costs about 30 cents. That's enough electricity to charge the battery of your Capri four or five times.

The calculations are simple: if you cut your car use by half, you can save more than €800 in a year. And that's just on fuel alone.

Parking savings

Parking a car is tedious and it's also expensive. A 2016 survey found that parking a car in Europe costs, on average, €3 per hour. It may not seem like much at first glance, but you'll come to a different conclusion after multiplying that by 8 hours a day and 260 working days.

Saving on maintenance costs

In addition to fuel and parking, owning and driving a car puts even more pressure on the pocket. According to a 2021 study, the real cost of owning a car in Europe can range from 360 to 710 euros per month. Buying a car is expensive, so is maintaining it. Moreover, the more you use it, the more expensive it is to maintain.

However, maintaining a Capri electric bike is really economical. Our ebikes avoid complex technologies and use universal components and accessories so that maintenance can be done extremely cheaply, efficiently and easily.

Moreover, if you have any incident that you cannot solve, we have a very attentive customer service team and we are committed to respond to all requests within 72 hours maximum.

A positive lifestyle is priceless

But in the end, as the Talking Heads sang, things should never be done just for the money. An electric bike can also help you improve your life in many other ways:

  • Forgetting about traffic jams - did you know that the average car speed in the city is less than 15 km/h?

  • Having more free time. After the savings, this is the main advantage highlighted by regular electric bike users.

  • Exercising your legs. Don't forget, with an electric bike the effort you want to make is up to you.

  • Connecting with the city and nature. Moving around by bike is synonymous with freedom, you will change your itineraries and discover incredible new spaces in your own city.
  • But to answer the title of this article in a nutshell: can your new Capri pay for itself, yes or no?

This is largely up to you. In any case, the savings will be significant. If you manage to replace at least 50% of your car journeys with electric bike journeys, the savings will be spectacular. And beyond all this, remember that life is much better when you ride a bike.

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