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Capri Bikes is opening for investors

Capri is democratizing the use of eBikes, powered by its unique design and backed by patented technology. 

More than 35.000 Happy Customers, 10 Years+ of experience and continuous and solid revenue growth.

We are now raising funds to begin plans for huge international expansion and meeting our skyrocket demand.

Be the first to find out about our plans and evaluate a great investment opportunity.

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Why invest in Capri Bikes?

- Join a winning project with a solid experience and consolidated revenue.

- Lead a great community of more than 100.000 passionate urban bikers.

- Enjoy a great future together with our patented batteries, unique bicycle designs and upcoming exciting product launches.

Capri's values

After the pandemic the whole Bike Industry is talking about Reshoring, bringing back to Europe the factories that left to Asia in the 90s.

Capri Bikes has been working with local suppliers since 2010, it's part of our core values and we truly believe in the European Bike Industry.

We work with the same producers that once brought the first quality bicycles to the rest of the world. 

By working with European producers we help to keep alive an industry that respects its people and its environment. Riding a Capri Bike will allow you to enjoy the present with a reminder of our point of departure.

By working with European producers we help to keep alive an industry that respects its people and its environment. Riding a Capri Bike will allow you to enjoy the present with a reminder of our point of departure.

A future together

With a consistent investment on R&D over the last 5 years we created some of the most exciting products for the eBike industry, and this is just the beginning, we do have a great pipeline of technology developments that will change the future´s mobility.

The eBike market was valued at USD 27.22 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach USD 54.48 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 12.26% during the forecast period (2022-2027).

We are ready to become a relevant actor in the bike industry and take advantage of the fragmented sector with huge opportunities for dynamic startups like ours.

How will you get a return on your investment?

Capri has a clear path, we will continue to put the focus on product development, bringing unique technology and amazing bicycles to the market. 

We will not ride alone, partnership is key for growth and we will become an attractive company for bigger players that understand the power of a great product, a strong brand and a consolidated audience from our D2C Digital Experience.

By joining us in this 1st investment round you will have the unique opportunity to grow your capital and become an active leader on the future of mobility.

This is a great opportunity to create an impact on the people, the society and the earth. We are on a mission, by transforming the way the people move and improving the quality of life in the cities and contributing to stopping global warming now

Who is behind this project?

Our management team is leaded by Nina de Mier and Andrés Maldonado and supported by CMO Daniel Permuy , Sales Manager Leyre Corretgé, and Product Development Ross Condon, backed but Serial Entrepreneur Sergio Maldonado as primary Investor.

Electric? Yes.

Capri Bikes has been growing and building from day one into the substantial and successful business it is today. We have achieved some major milestones along the way, all with the support of our amazing community.

We invite you to invest in Capri. We will be raising investment on the established platform Crowdcube, which means anyone can invest from as little as 10€ to own a piece of Capri Bikes.

Frequently asked questions

We are crowdfunding because we have big ambitions for the future and the business requires capital to achieve these. For us, having our community as investors is tremendously important. It increases our brand recognition and allows for our supporters to directly be involved with the Temple journey.

Equity crowdfunding is a common way companies raise investment. It’s usually for early growth stage companies who are not listed on a stock market. It allows anyone to become a shareholder and own equity (shares) in that company. If the company grows in size as a result of the investment, its shares can become more valuable. Any shareholder can profit from the investment in an exit event such as a merger, company sale or IPO. Things can also go the other way and as with all investments, there is risk of the company decreasing in value and investors can lose some or all of their investment.

No. Pre-registering simply allows you to have first priority when the investment round opens, and exclusive early access before the opportunity goes live to the general public. It also allows you to keep up to date with the run-up and also receive more details and documents relevant to the investment.