The frames of our Capri electric bikes are made of steel (indeed with the best steel: Chromoly with high quality TIG welding). Some of you often ask us why we decided to use steel instead of other materials more commonly used in the manufacture of electric bikes, such as aluminium.

It's not just a romantic question, we are passionate about this material for the construction of bicycle frames, as are a large number of experienced cyclists who are looking for unique qualities and where elements such as durability, riding comfort or the harmony of its lines come before performance.

Steel is a more lively material and is evolving in its use, thanks to its versatility, craftsmanship and durability.

While a steel-framed bike has many advantages, the main one is comfort. No other frame material comes close to the ride quality of steel. A steel bike offers unmatched comfort & reduced fatigue.

Of course, some may argue that the ride quality offered by a steel bike is also detrimental to its performance, and in a way, they would be right. The comfortable ride feel that steel offers means that it is not as stiff as aluminium.

It is less efficient at transferring power to the road, and speed and handling decrease proportionally. All of this is true.

Steel frames also offer the possibility of being repaired more easily, which gives them a greater status of eternity. At Capri we have always made bicycles with the idea that one day they can be restored by our grandchildren, society has the right to recover and use its past.

Steel is real.


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