Disc brake technology is now widely used throughout the bicycle industry because of their unmatched braking power in dry and wet conditions. This is why we use them on our 2023 serie Z models; to provide the best braking performance for the urban environment. However, all disc brakes require a break in period before their full stopping potential is achieved. This is the process in which the brake pad material is spread on the surface of the brake rotor increasing friction between these two components and leading to the quick, responsive brake feel that riders love.

When you first ride your Capri Azur or Metz, you may notice that the braking feels unremarkable, slow and possibly noisy, that’s normal! With regular riding, you will notice an increased stopping power and less noise within the first or second week of owning your bike, depending on how often you ride and how much you are using the brakes. You can speed up the break in process by making your first few rides in an area where you can avoid coming to frequent stops, this way you can use the electric motor to ride along while carefully applying the brakes to slow your speed, coming to a full stop in 6-8 seconds.



Doing this practice, building up speed and gradually slowing the bicycle, for each brake individually 10-20 times should lead to a noticeable increase in braking power. If you don’t have the space or time to carefully bed in each brake don’t worry! Just be mindful while riding to avoid hard, sudden stops at first as this leads to uneven distribution of the pad material on the rotor. The best practice is to apply the brake at an even pressure without fully engaging, so that you are gradually and consistently slowing the bicycle before coming to a full stop. This allows the brake components to have consistent, even contact while heating up the rotor and pad leading to a more rapid spread of the pad material onto the rotor.

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