We take a brief look back at what we have achieved in 2023 and look ahead to an incredible 2024. 

New CroMo frame, disc brake and integrated lights

New top quality CroMo steel frame, disc brake and lights powered by the standard battery. In addition, the connectors on our battery canister have also been improved. 

Over 600 electric bikes sold and shipped

More than 600 satisfied customers, with the purchase guarantee of Trusted Shop, Europe's leading independent rating platform! 

More than 40 Capri Service Centres all over Europe

We have more than 40 Capri Service Centres, which we continue to expand to reach major cities throughout Europe. All our Service Centres will be able to help you with any incident.

Test Rides in Berlin

Our first city where you can test your Capri electric bike - we're working to make Berlin the first of many!

New factory in Northern Spain

In our quest for excellence and given the difficulties in taking care of all the details that we experienced in previous years' productions, in 2023 we decided to move the production of all our electric models to the north of Spain, next to our offices and our central warehouse in Gijón. Here we have set up a new assembly and production line to manufacture each of our bicycles in a very careful and artisanal way.

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