As the saying goes, "we're not made of sugar" but still, winter is always challenging and puts us and our bikes to the test.

No material, no matter how good it is, is indifferent to increases in weather, and especially not to humidity.

That's why we want to share with you four top-tips to extend the life of your Capri electric bike and help you get through the winter without rust or other problems.

1. Protect your ride with a layer of TLC

Winter brings snow, slush and road salt, which can be hard on your bike's frame and components. Start by cleaning it thoroughly to remove any debris. Apply a protective coating, such as a high quality wax or specialised polish, to protect your bike's finish from the elements. Our team likes Gtechniq Ceramic Quick Coat but there are many others that work just as well.

2. Keep your bike clean & dry 

It is essential to keep your bike dry, clean and well oiled. That's why we recommend that you always carry a cloth with you to dry it when necessary. In addition to keeping it clean and dry, regular maintenance is essential for optimum performance.

How often you clean and grease your bike chain will depend on your riding style and the type of road you ride on, but we recommend doing it every season and definitely in the winter months to provide added protection against water.

3. Check key points (brakes, derailleur, lights, nuts...)

It is essential that the key points of the bike are checked and ready for the harsh winter: condition and inflation of the tyres, brakes, gears and, very importantly, the lights.

4. Keep indoors (if you can't, use a bike cover).

Bikes are water resistant, but they will last longer if they are protected from the elements. If you can't keep your bike under cover, we recommend using a bike cover - there are some very good ones available at very good prices - but ideally you should store your bike indoors to avoid damage from heavy rain, ice and cold temperatures.

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