During the month of July we were able to deliver all the Capri Azur and Capri Metz e-bikes we had sold to date. The first batch of bikes of the year, ordered during the first two months of 2023, had already been delivered in April and the pre-orders for the following months were completed in July.

In addition, we have achieved a very important milestone for us, which is to include battery-powered lights as standard on all 2023 models. We have fitted lights in a classic design, which can be conveniently switched on from the display and can easily be changed to any other e-bike compatible model if desired.

Although we are not a new brand (we have been selling bikes on the Internet for more than twelve years!), we have always been clear that we do not want to be the biggest or grow too fast and exorbitantly (on the contrary, our business model is focused on sustainable growth) in order to be able to provide a good service to our customers.

Capri ebikes 2019

Photo: 2019. Capri's cofounder Andrés Maldonado in a pelota court with the early Indigogo versions of the Capri Azur and Metz.

In the last four years we have been clearly focused on sustainable urban mobility. The truth is that the models of urban electric bicycles that we found on the market (very heavy, with unattractive or "futuristic" designs and complex technologies) did not convince us at all, so we decided to create our own models of electric bicycles, outside the fashions and with a radically different vision based on minimalist design, simplicity and lightness.

A return to the origins of what it means to move around on a bicycle.

In 2019, we launched an Indigogo campaign to test our idea and the electric bicycles that we presented (the early versions of the Capri Azur and Metz that you can see in the picture above), with the patented Capri battery bottle, were so popular that we decided to take the necessary steps to continue along these lines.

Photo: 2021. Capri's first electric components.

Since then, we have launched two more improved versions of the Capri Azur and Capri Metz bikes and we haven't stopped working to get to where we are now.

The new Capri Azur and Metz electric models of 2023 have reached the excellence we have been looking for and are the result of three years of intense work, from the CroMo frame to the disc brake, the advances in the new Azur and Metz models are indisputable. We invite you to get to know them better on our website.

In our quest for excellence and given the difficulties to take care of all the details that we experienced in the productions of previous years, in 2023 we decided to move the production of all our electric models to the north of Spain, next to our offices and our central warehouse in Gijón. Here we have set up a new assembly and production line to manufacture each of our bicycles in a very careful and handcrafted way.

In this way we take care of every detail to the maximum, both in the manufacture and in the packaging and we achieve extremely satisfactory results, leaving levels of incidents easily solvable and practically anecdotal.

Photo: 2023. Ross Condon and Natalia Perancho ridding high with 2023 Capri Metz and Azur bikes

We have the firm intention of continuing to grow as a brand but in a completely sustainable way. When we say that our Capri Azur and Capri Metz electric bikes are unique, we do so because we can put all our care and love into each bike.

Now we are already working on the new production that we will deliver in mid-September 2023, we invite you to make your pre-order so you don't miss out on one of the 70 electric bicycles Capri that we will send in just a few weeks.

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